Continue the journey inside Tricolore, the e-MTB by Moto Parilla

Continue the journey inside [Tricolore], the new e-MTB developed by Moto Parilla that will debut at [EICMA] in November this year. Here is a new series of details describing the innovations and new features this new pedal-assist mountain bike will bring to the market.


One of the main features of Tricolore will be the presence of a cover system made of hemp fiber, which are fully recyclable as the fiber used will be organic as well as the resin with which it is impregnated. This emphasizes the company’s commitment to following the ecological transition, which will require finding substitute and less polluting materials for the production of vehicles across the cycling and motorcycling industry. The top cover will have a hermetic seal to prevent the entry of fluids or dirt but at the same time will allow the passage of cables within the frame. The holes in it will allow the mounting of additional accessories, such as water bottles or additional displays, and the closure system with quick release or lock will allow maximum convenience in inserting and removing the battery.


The swingarm of Tricolore, with its clear motorcycle nature, has been developed after nearly two years of study. Thanks to a bold and extremely innovative choice, it will be a single bilateral arm entirely made of carbon fiber. Additionally, it will be reinforced with aluminum inserts in the wheel coupling areas, rear brake caliper, and suspension system to ensure greater stability and durability.

The wide channel will provide the ability to mount tires up to 3.5” and will allow excellent mud discharge under any circumstances. The drive system will be 12-speed and the Flip-Chip system will allow easy variation of the wheelbase.


The futuristic rear lighting system will be integrated into the seat post frame and powered by the powertrain battery. Control of the entire system will be enabled directly from the handlebar controller, ensuring ease of use and performance in both daytime rides and nighttime trials.
“More details will be coming soon, don’t miss out!”