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Our History

Our History

80 years of innovation.
An all-Italian story, in the heart of the Motor Valley.


Before us

Moto Parilla was founded in 1946 in Milan and until 1967 produced motorcycles with a very clear vision: to create unique and exclusive craftsmanship products starting from the world of competitions.

The brand was taken over in 2017 with a new vision.

A new vision

In 2017, Moto Parilla was reborn in Reggio Emilia, in the heart of the Emilian Motor Valley, taking up the captivating style and originality of the historic motorcycle brand that was popular in the ’40s and ’60s.

The values, philosophy, and lines of the first Parillas are transported into the future, giving life to electric bicycles with a unique design. Filippo Beltrami, the new founder, believed in the project from the very beginning, and together with designers and engineers, has steered Moto Parilla into the future of luxury sustainable mobility.



Moto Parilla today

Today, Moto Parilla is an Italian excellence recognized internationally for the creation of works of art on wheels.

The attention to detail and the search for the best materials allow it to meet all the demands of an increasingly demanding clientele that aims to stand out.

Made in Italy.